New ICQLaunch version released

I just released a small update to ICQLaunch. It contains a bug fix for the Shortcut Wizard that was causing it to fail on some sytems when the “QuickLaunch Bar” option was used. The location of the QuickLaunch settings calculated by the Wizard would end up missing a backslash in the middle of the path, thus the Wizard couldn’t create any shortcut files for the QuickLaunch bar correctly. This has been fixed.As always, ICQLaunch is available from or

New SourceView beta is now available

For those of you who have been trying out the beta version of my source code editor/viewer, SourceView, v1.0.0.17 is now available for download. I have recompiled the program to use the latest version of the editor control, and have thus also added syntax highlighting support for several additional programming languages:

C#, CSS, HTML, Javascript, VBScript, VB, Ruby, Python

In other news:

– Last night, I just started experimenting with incorporating AJAX into my website. So over the coming weeks/months, you’ll start to notice some changes in the look-and-feel of the website.

– This past week, I’ve been working on my MSAgent character processing/rendering engine again. It is coming along quite nicely.  It is still primarily tied to Windows for right now, but I’m working on cleaning it up and generalizing its interfaces so I can plug in other platform support later on. I’m hopeful that I can start incorporating this engine into my projects in the near future.